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Horse Drawn Tours in South Burnett

Stretching from North Queensland all the way down to Sydney, horse-drawn tours are popular with visitors from all over Australia. The Western Australian native land is a great location for horse-drawn tours. If you are looking for a fabulous place to visit, why not go on a horse-drawn tour of South Burnett? Here are some tips to help you plan your trip:

Tours and Durations

The area has a pleasant climate and a few days is enough to see all the sights. Visitors who want a relaxed, slow-paced tour can opt for tours that cover three or four days.

Traveling to Bunya Mountain is not difficult. The location is about five hours south of Perth. There are plenty of hotels, lodges and caravan parks in this area.

Bunya Mountain is part of the Great Ocean Road in South Burnett. To reach the place, visitors can take the ferry across the Harbour Bridge.

Bunya Mountain is easily accessible by way of a narrow road that begins about a kilometer west of Murwillumbah. There is also a road that begins at Murwillumbah which leads to the Bunya Falls. From Bunya, visitors can continue on the Great Ocean Road that leads to the Bunya Mountains.

Travel into the area should be within two to three hours. When you reach Bunya Mountain, it will take a bit longer, but you can visit the Bunya Peak and the Spring Brook Camp which are located near the top of the mountain.

Horse Riding School

Bunya Horse Riding School is a great place to stop. Tourists can take part in some of the horse riding programs offered at the school.

Bunya falls and Spring Brook Camp is both just a short drive away from Bunya. This is an excellent place to spend the night because camping in the Bunya mountains is a little more expensive than camping in a typical campground. In addition, a visitor can avoid the crowds that are found at the typical campsites and trails in the areas.

horse drawn tours

Gold Mines

Bunya is also home to the Fawn River Gold Mines. The mine tours provide tourists a fascinating look at the past, present, and future of the operation.

Visitors that have driven through South Burnett should make their way to the Gold Fields Park in Bunya. The Gold Fields is where you will find many of the mines and minerals found in the area.

All of the lodging and travel services are part of the larger State Farm group. Travelers can make reservations at any of the group’s locations. They can also book reservations for a private ride on any of the vehicles.

If you have your travel plans booked and would like to visit this area, make sure to call the travel offices for reservations and information. You will be able to learn about the location, history, and the amenities that are available at this wonderful location.

museum tours

South Australian Museum Tours and Cultural Events

There are many things to do and see in South Australia, but South Australian museum tours are some of the best. The museums that are available make it easy to enjoy the best of what the state has to offer, and the events that happen throughout the year add to the fun of being a resident of South Australia.

There are a number of different events and exhibits throughout the year, and the more you explore the better off you will be. This is why the festivals and South Australian museum tours can become so popular and well-attended. With all of the different events that you can take part in, the only thing you need to know about them is what you want to see and do.

One of the things you can take part in is the various festivals and South Australian museum tours. These vary from different locations within the state and can include the national parks, the city, and regional areas, or even the smaller towns and villages. Each one is unique in its own way, and often these events are a great way to see what the area has to offer.


Festival and museum tours are a great way to enjoy the wide range of events that happen throughout the year. There are events that take place every day of the week, and the dates that you go to each location change based on the festival.

The festivals are a great way to make sure that you are always up to date on what is going on. You can find out about any new exhibits, or even about the different events that are taking place within the cities and regions. This is a good way to see the world while still experiencing South Australian culture.

Cultural Events

You can also look at the events from a different perspective than just what is going on in your town or city. The cultural events in the state are many, and these are things that you can take part in without ever leaving your home. The museums on the big festivals include exhibits of Aboriginal art, and these are events that allow you to not only have a great time but to learn about the Aboriginal culture as well.

museum tours

Every year during the summer of the year there is the Carnivale festival that occurs every year in October, and this festival is the largest of its kind in South Australia. There are many different events that take place at this festival, and you can learn about everything from the music to the different events of the carnival. This is a great way to take part in all of the fun that you can have while enjoying the festivals and the South Australian museum tours.

For those who love the wonders of the Antarctic region, you have some incredible choices when it comes to events. As you can imagine, the coastline is very beautiful, and you will be able to take part in several different activities in addition to the cultural events. It is important to take a look at all of the museums and other attractions that are located here because these are events that are taking place all year long.

Weather Doesn’t Matter

You can also enjoy the festivals and museum tours in a variety of weather conditions. You will be able to take part in the outdoor events in temperatures that range from warm to cold, and you will be able to take part in the indoor events at different times of the year. You will be able to explore the southern area in a number of different ways, and you will never run out of events.


Many people want to take a look at the history museum tours, which allow you to see how the past of the state has changed and progressed through the years. There are a variety of events that take place on a regular basis, and you will be able to learn about what was around when South Australia was first formed, and what the culture has changed over the years. All of the different exhibits and events can add a whole new experience to the area, and the museum tours are one of the highlights of the year.

There are a number of museum events and festivals that are happening all over the year, and this is where you will find out about all of the different events. that you can take part in. whether you are interested in the agricultural side of the state, or you would like to know what is going on in the local wildlife, the various events that occur provide an amazing opportunity to learn about all of the different things that make up South Australia.

birdwatching Australia

Birdwatching Checklist For Your Next Birdwatching Trip

If you are a birdwatcher, you are most likely to be a regular birdwatch in many types of national parks and nature reserves, but many birdwatchers also love to take part in bird watching trips and tours in different parts of the world. Birdwatching as a hobby can be enjoyed by any age group and if you want to learn more about how to do it, there are lots of different resources that you can use. Your first step should be to use a birdwatching checklist to get your start on your adventure.

A birdwatching checklist will help you identify birds for your next birdwatching trip. You need to look up all the bird species in the area you want to go birdwatching and then identify them. You can also find out which birds will be present and when they are likely to visit your area so you can avoid having to come back in the future for a bird that has already visited.

To make sure that you have the most comprehensive and correct birdwatching checklist you should use an online birdwatching checklist. These can be downloaded from various websites that offer birdwatching information. They can provide you with details such as a list of the country’s birds, the breeding grounds they commonly visit, and their preferred feeding areas.

Rare Species

There are certain bird species that cannot be found anywhere else. Birdwatchers know exactly where they can find these unique birds, making it easier for them to find new species. If you want to see all of the bird species in the area you are visiting you should use an online birdwatching checklist that is developed with the best of information.

Many birdwatchers enjoy birdwatching as a hobby, not just because they are looking for birds for food or to display in their homes. Birdwatching as a hobby helps people learn about nature and what makes these creatures distinct. This helps you to appreciate and understand the different types of birds and their habitats. Birdwatching as a hobby is fun and takes you into the unknown world of nature.

Birdwatching in Australia means a lot to many bird enthusiasts. It is said that birdwatching in Australia is a skill that is being taught every year and that the number of birdwatchers in Australia continues to grow. When you are searching for a bird to watch you should use a checklist.

Birdwatching in Australia is much easier to learn, understand, and maintain when you have the proper information available. You will be able to appreciate the diverse nature of birds around you and enjoy their peaceful nature.

birdwatching Australia

Popular Areas

The following areas are some of the more popular birdwatching spots in Australia. Most of these areas have birdwatching hotspots that allow you to meet local birds in their natural habitat, discover new species, and observe the sightings of several species at one time. You may also consider these bird watching destinations outside of Australia.

Blue Top National Park is home to many birds that can only be found in this country. They include the Australian Tree Pipit, two kinds of Hooded Mergansers, and the occasional wallaby and kangaroo. This is one of the best birdwatching spots in the country and for good reason.

This park is especially popular during spring and summer months because the birds that reside here tend to migrate to their wintering areas in Southern Africa. This can be especially fascinating because you will find that the birds that migrate to South Africa visit here and you may be able to observe them for a short time before they leave. This is a great opportunity to witness the migration of these birds and see some rare species in their natural habitat.

Another popular area for birdwatching is the Boddington Nature Reserve. There are dozens of bird species to see here and they are all from the rainforest region of South Australia.

Using a birdwatching checklist will help you identify the birds you are seeing and you will be able to spot local birds as well as those who migrate in the same areas. This is a fun way to have fun while birdwatching and it is safe and easy to use too.

wine trails

South Burnett Wine Trail

As a newbie wine enthusiast, South Burnett Wine Trail was recommended by a friend who is an expert in wine and general South Australia. She advised me that the burnet has some great wine country so I decided to check it out for myself. The event organizers have not only catered for the very basic but have included a few educational programs for the more advanced wine drinkers.

I discovered that South Burnet Wine Trail was one of the coolest wine trails that I had done before. It had a beautiful vineyard and winery to explore and there were also several vineyards and wineries around Kingaroy.

The experience will always win and experience can be the best teacher, though there are many excellent things in this world and yet we never appreciate them. In the same way, some people never get around to trying new things or new wines, why not get started at a new wine trail and discover the best of the best, make some friends and have a great time?

Exploring the Region

What I found along the way was that this all began with a bunch of enthusiasm and curiosity for the best part of the journey. I found out that the area had some very good wine vineyards and wineries and I even visited a couple of vineyards just before the event. This was a big help and I thought it would be worth another day on the trail. With luck, my enthusiasm would run out, but I was encouraged to continue by another friend who assured me that the region was lovely and was worth exploring.

It was a delightful day in South Burnett and the crowd at the event was amazing. The wine region had a very friendly atmosphere. The event itself was a great idea and the support of the organizer was outstanding.

The dry days are perfect and more than enough to enjoy the wine. So I wanted to spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the scenery. On a hot day, there is a water cooler at the end of the event for the thirsty.

wine tours

Wine Industry

After tasting at the vineyards, I began to explore the wine industry at South Burnett. In the area, I discovered the story of Peter Costello’s Pinotagenerie. Peter was the founder of the Pinotagenerie and now you can see his beautiful vineyards and beautiful vineyard tours.


My next stop was at a town called Marmeloe where I took a flight in a vintage plane and I believe that many people heard about this wine trail. This is a place to visit and enjoy the scenery.

I was also shown around by the tour guide and got to watch a fly-by fire lookout station. I also visited the Barossa National Park, which was great to relax on a cool summer day with the views of the fire lookout tower at the top.


My last stop on the wine trail was at a winery in Burnside and I was lucky enough to taste their fruits. If you are a lover of fruit you will love this tour and the trip to Adelaide.

South Burnett offers you a good mix of vineyards and wineries, which you will be able to enjoy. Some of the regions you can explore are the Girvan Vineyard, Kingaroy, and of course Marmeloe. The area has some great opportunities to spend your day and visit some wine trails.

There is a lot of interesting information about the South Burnett Wine Trail. The friendly folks that run the event have been very informative. You can purchase a brochure from the venue or you can even watch a video online.

Forest Camping Trails

Forest Camping Trails – Benarkin Camping is Better Than Ever

If you are looking for some unforgettable family camping, then check out the Forest Camping Trail at Benarkin State Forest. Not only will you get a close up look at some of North Carolina’s most beautiful and unusual trees, but you’ll also have the pleasure of being among nature’s wonders!

It’s a forest so wild that you may find yourself feeling like a traveler in a fairy tale. The most experienced campers have a map that describes all the trails to be followed. While the map may be helpful, it is often insufficient for those who are new to forest camping.

You can’t help but feel enchanted when you find yourself in the Forest Camping Trail and see some of the things that you’ve only read about in books. For example, if you’re hiking the Haystack Trail, you’ll see the cutest critters you’ve ever seen and hear their songs!

Forest Camping Trails


What a wonderful experience it would be to try your hand at fishing while you are staying in the campground. You can easily set up by a small pond right by the campsite. Your friends and family will be shocked to see that you are fishing and that you enjoy doing it.

Accommodations and Prices

Before you book your forest camping trip, be sure to compare accommodations and prices from many different campgrounds. You can take advantage of a variety of discounts to stay at a tent-only campground. If you want to go with a motel, be sure to ask what kind of amenities and services they offer.


Be sure to pack a lunch when you’re ready to hit the trails. For example, if you go fishing, pack a few pails full of your favorite fish.

Make sure to bring your own cooking stove. If you don’t have a stove, you can bring your own camping stove but be sure to bring enough food and other supplies to keep it going for two or three days.

The National Forest camping trail is often called the Swinging Bridge Trail. Although the entire length of the trail is filled with wooden bridges spanning chasms and falling down, you’ll see a different side of the forest camping experience on this particular stretch.

Forest Camping Trails

As you come upon the Benarkin campground, the first thing you should notice is the white sand that exists on each side of the trail. The trail meanders along the beach and you can take advantage of the local fishing opportunities for these few short days.


The campsite on the beach is wooded and provides some good shade during the summer months. It is an ideal place to sit by the swimming pool or cook up a hot meal.

When you’re staying at the campsite, you can even find some beachside housing in the form of cabins. Once you’ve made your way out onto the path, you’ll find yourself trekking along a trail surrounded by ancient pine trees and evergreens, winding into the woods.

You’ll see the essence of forest camping at its best, and you’ll be so proud of yourself that you can begin to understand why the national forest will allow you to camp in its lands.

Stargazing Australia

Stargazing in Australia – A Beginners Guide

The starry night sky and the Milky Way are ever-present in Australia’s southern skies, and many people look for ways to see the stars better through stargazing. However, as some people are not the best to look up at the sky, there are a few steps you can take to try and start stargazing Australia.


The first thing you will need is a good weather forecast. This can be tricky because Australia is known for its extreme weather, which is why getting an accurate forecast is so important to consider before you go out into the open.

Before you venture out in the rain, use the online weather to make sure that it won’t be too bad. Take note of any potential storm systems and be ready to flee if needed. If there are no dangerous weather systems on the horizon, head back inside.


You will want to take a few essential precautions. Make sure that you have plenty of water, some snacks, and eye protection. If the sky starts to rain, get in the car and head outside.

When you’re stargazing, remember that even when the sun is down, the Milky Way is around you and still active. And while it may seem impossible to see anything at all, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you can see. The Milky Way is like the background of all things that surround us.


For your initial practice, you can use one of several guidebooks, including Stargazing Australia by Carolyn Fisher and Bob Paine. There are a lot of guides on the market, but this is one that offers great information on what is out there to look at and also how to look at it.

Stargazing Australia

Stargazing Australia by Carolyn Fisher and Bob Paine is a star-studded guide book that is loaded with great tips on how to start off on your stargazing adventure. Not only does it offer tips on what to see, but it also offers some fun activities and travel ideas that you can do together with your guide. The three authors create a guide that offers both history and actual locations that you can visit.


The method of stargazing Australia really relies on the weather of the day and what it brings you into the atmosphere. The easiest method is to just use a pair of binoculars, which will give you a general view of the sky. However, if you want to look at the stars better, you will need to look up at the sky directly with the aid of an amateur telescope.

Stargazing Australia doesn’t limit itself to stargazing with the naked eye alone. You can purchase skywatchers, such as binoculars, or you can buy a pair of hands-free electric telescopes that are able to focus on the sky much better.

Astronomy Books

Stargazing Australia is also great for students who are looking to enhance their knowledge about astronomy. One of the best things about the book is that it provides detailed descriptions of the things that you should observe and also the things that you should avoid. This book also includes an eBook and an audio tour, both of which are included as a part of the purchase price.

For beginners, Stargazing Australia takes a simple approach. Instead of going in with some prior knowledge of astronomy, the book makes it easy for anyone to get started and learn about the sky and stars. While some people prefer more technical approaches, Stargazing Australia is still an excellent book for stargazing Australia.

Stargazing Australia also works towards a larger goal by allowing you to actually see the stars. If you are looking to start stargazing Australia, the first place you should visit is the Southern Cross Observatory in New South Wales. You will learn about the history of astronomy and how to stargaze properly as well as how to spot a comet.