Forest Camping Trails

Forest Camping Trails – Benarkin Camping is Better Than Ever

If you are looking for some unforgettable family camping, then check out the Forest Camping Trail at Benarkin State Forest. Not only will you get a close up look at some of North Carolina’s most beautiful and unusual trees, but you’ll also have the pleasure of being among nature’s wonders!

It’s a forest so wild that you may find yourself feeling like a traveler in a fairy tale. The most experienced campers have a map that describes all the trails to be followed. While the map may be helpful, it is often insufficient for those who are new to forest camping.

You can’t help but feel enchanted when you find yourself in the Forest Camping Trail and see some of the things that you’ve only read about in books. For example, if you’re hiking the Haystack Trail, you’ll see the cutest critters you’ve ever seen and hear their songs!

Forest Camping Trails


What a wonderful experience it would be to try your hand at fishing while you are staying in the campground. You can easily set up by a small pond right by the campsite. Your friends and family will be shocked to see that you are fishing and that you enjoy doing it.

Accommodations and Prices

Before you book your forest camping trip, be sure to compare accommodations and prices from many different campgrounds. You can take advantage of a variety of discounts to stay at a tent-only campground. If you want to go with a motel, be sure to ask what kind of amenities and services they offer.


Be sure to pack a lunch when you’re ready to hit the trails. For example, if you go fishing, pack a few pails full of your favorite fish.

Make sure to bring your own cooking stove. If you don’t have a stove, you can bring your own camping stove but be sure to bring enough food and other supplies to keep it going for two or three days.

The National Forest camping trail is often called the Swinging Bridge Trail. Although the entire length of the trail is filled with wooden bridges spanning chasms and falling down, you’ll see a different side of the forest camping experience on this particular stretch.

Forest Camping Trails

As you come upon the Benarkin campground, the first thing you should notice is the white sand that exists on each side of the trail. The trail meanders along the beach and you can take advantage of the local fishing opportunities for these few short days.


The campsite on the beach is wooded and provides some good shade during the summer months. It is an ideal place to sit by the swimming pool or cook up a hot meal.

When you’re staying at the campsite, you can even find some beachside housing in the form of cabins. Once you’ve made your way out onto the path, you’ll find yourself trekking along a trail surrounded by ancient pine trees and evergreens, winding into the woods.

You’ll see the essence of forest camping at its best, and you’ll be so proud of yourself that you can begin to understand why the national forest will allow you to camp in its lands.

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