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Horse Drawn Tours in South Burnett

Stretching from North Queensland all the way down to Sydney, horse-drawn tours are popular with visitors from all over Australia. The Western Australian native land is a great location for horse-drawn tours. If you are looking for a fabulous place to visit, why not go on a horse-drawn tour of South Burnett? Here are some tips to help you plan your trip:

Tours and Durations

The area has a pleasant climate and a few days is enough to see all the sights. Visitors who want a relaxed, slow-paced tour can opt for tours that cover three or four days.

Traveling to Bunya Mountain is not difficult. The location is about five hours south of Perth. There are plenty of hotels, lodges and caravan parks in this area.

Bunya Mountain is part of the Great Ocean Road in South Burnett. To reach the place, visitors can take the ferry across the Harbour Bridge.

Bunya Mountain is easily accessible by way of a narrow road that begins about a kilometer west of Murwillumbah. There is also a road that begins at Murwillumbah which leads to the Bunya Falls. From Bunya, visitors can continue on the Great Ocean Road that leads to the Bunya Mountains.

Travel into the area should be within two to three hours. When you reach Bunya Mountain, it will take a bit longer, but you can visit the Bunya Peak and the Spring Brook Camp which are located near the top of the mountain.

Horse Riding School

Bunya Horse Riding School is a great place to stop. Tourists can take part in some of the horse riding programs offered at the school.

Bunya falls and Spring Brook Camp is both just a short drive away from Bunya. This is an excellent place to spend the night because camping in the Bunya mountains is a little more expensive than camping in a typical campground. In addition, a visitor can avoid the crowds that are found at the typical campsites and trails in the areas.

horse drawn tours

Gold Mines

Bunya is also home to the Fawn River Gold Mines. The mine tours provide tourists a fascinating look at the past, present, and future of the operation.

Visitors that have driven through South Burnett should make their way to the Gold Fields Park in Bunya. The Gold Fields is where you will find many of the mines and minerals found in the area.

All of the lodging and travel services are part of the larger State Farm group. Travelers can make reservations at any of the group’s locations. They can also book reservations for a private ride on any of the vehicles.

If you have your travel plans booked and would like to visit this area, make sure to call the travel offices for reservations and information. You will be able to learn about the location, history, and the amenities that are available at this wonderful location.

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