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South Burnett Wine Trail

As a newbie wine enthusiast, South Burnett Wine Trail was recommended by a friend who is an expert in wine and general South Australia. She advised me that the burnet has some great wine country so I decided to check it out for myself. The event organizers have not only catered for the very basic but have included a few educational programs for the more advanced wine drinkers.

I discovered that South Burnet Wine Trail was one of the coolest wine trails that I had done before. It had a beautiful vineyard and winery to explore and there were also several vineyards and wineries around Kingaroy.

The experience will always win and experience can be the best teacher, though there are many excellent things in this world and yet we never appreciate them. In the same way, some people never get around to trying new things or new wines, why not get started at a new wine trail and discover the best of the best, make some friends and have a great time?

Exploring the Region

What I found along the way was that this all began with a bunch of enthusiasm and curiosity for the best part of the journey. I found out that the area had some very good wine vineyards and wineries and I even visited a couple of vineyards just before the event. This was a big help and I thought it would be worth another day on the trail. With luck, my enthusiasm would run out, but I was encouraged to continue by another friend who assured me that the region was lovely and was worth exploring.

It was a delightful day in South Burnett and the crowd at the event was amazing. The wine region had a very friendly atmosphere. The event itself was a great idea and the support of the organizer was outstanding.

The dry days are perfect and more than enough to enjoy the wine. So I wanted to spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the scenery. On a hot day, there is a water cooler at the end of the event for the thirsty.

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Wine Industry

After tasting at the vineyards, I began to explore the wine industry at South Burnett. In the area, I discovered the story of Peter Costello’s Pinotagenerie. Peter was the founder of the Pinotagenerie and now you can see his beautiful vineyards and beautiful vineyard tours.


My next stop was at a town called Marmeloe where I took a flight in a vintage plane and I believe that many people heard about this wine trail. This is a place to visit and enjoy the scenery.

I was also shown around by the tour guide and got to watch a fly-by fire lookout station. I also visited the Barossa National Park, which was great to relax on a cool summer day with the views of the fire lookout tower at the top.


My last stop on the wine trail was at a winery in Burnside and I was lucky enough to taste their fruits. If you are a lover of fruit you will love this tour and the trip to Adelaide.

South Burnett offers you a good mix of vineyards and wineries, which you will be able to enjoy. Some of the regions you can explore are the Girvan Vineyard, Kingaroy, and of course Marmeloe. The area has some great opportunities to spend your day and visit some wine trails.

There is a lot of interesting information about the South Burnett Wine Trail. The friendly folks that run the event have been very informative. You can purchase a brochure from the venue or you can even watch a video online.

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